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Something about the Inground Lift
2019-06-20 08:53:31

At present, the Inground Lift hydraulic synchronous lifting platform for vehicle maintenance plays an important role in vehicle maintenance. Through the innovative improvement of various hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumping stations of the synchronous lifting platform, the hydraulic synchronous lifting platform has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, fast response and high synchronization precision. It plays an irreplaceable role in China's vehicle maintenance and maintenance, and has broad application prospects.

4S shop car maintenance special lift is a double articulated scissor lift, which is based on the original scissor lift, using the current flexibility, safety, economy and other indicators; the structure meets the flexibility requirements of the car maintenance needs Design underneath.

Through the analysis of the position parameters and dynamic parameters of the double articulated scissor lift mechanism, combined with the specific examples, the two hydraulic cylinder arrangements in the mechanism are analyzed and compared, and the hydraulic actuator is designed and calculated according to the needs. - The hydraulic cylinder determines the load requirements of the pressure plate and the fork by analyzing the force of the fork, and finally completes the design requirements of the scissor hydraulic lift.

Inground Lift

Inground Lift has been used worldwide for 70 years. The first car lift produced in the United States in 1925, a pneumatically controlled single-column lift, had a higher lift due to the lower air pressure used at the time; it was sealed with leather and was therefore driven by compressed air. Bounce is serious and unstable. It was not until 10 years later that the single-column lift was introduced outside the United States in 1935.

In 1966, a German company produced the first double-column lift, another breakthrough in the design of the lift, but it was not until 1977 that the lift appeared in other countries outside Germany. Now, the two-column lifts have a strong position in the market and sales continue to grow. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to a four-column elevator, which will be briefly explained below.

Most of the Inground Lifts we see are fixed. The car must be driven to the elevator before lifting. Mobile lifts also have some successful designs, such as scissor lifts and gantry lifts. However, there are still two major problems with this type of lift. It is difficult to get close to the lower part of the car; it is difficult to overcome obstacles on the ground when moving the lift in the workshop. Of course, mobility is an outstanding advantage of this type of elevator. Stationary single-column, double-column and four-column lifts are now widely used in maintenance sites, while mobile lifts are relatively small.

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